Tapetco opens underground aviation fuelling facilities at Tan Son Nhat Airport

November 2016

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On November 11th, 2016, Tan Son Nhat Petrol Commercial JSC (Tapetco) held inauguration ceremony and officially started operation of the underground fuelling facilities at Tan Son Nhat Airport – International Terminal.

The facilities, invested by Tapetco (a member company of SASCO – Southern Airports Services JSC), provides many advantages over the traditional fuelling method using refueller vehicles, including: enhance safety, fast fuelling time, close monitor of fuel quality…

According to Mr. Nguyen Tan Luc – Tapetco Director, the facilities consists of three 9.000 m3 Jet A-1 storage tanks and a system of underground pipes lead to the airplanes parking apron of the international terminal.

Moreover, the facilities was designed to focus on environment protection, with a state-of-the-art water treatment system. The after-treatment water meets Vietnam requirements of industrial waste.

After its commissioning, the underground fuelling facilities will limit approximately 210 into-plane turns using traditional refuellers and help reduce a total of 82 hours of fuelling.

The advanced aviation fuelling facilities was constructed in compliance with international standards. The engineering phase was executed by Skytanking NV (Belgium) – a prestigious and experienced consultant with expertise in aviation into-plane service provision. The facilities was designed, operated and maintenance in compliance with international standards and procedures including JIG, IATA, ICAO, ASTM, EI…


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November 2016


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