17March, 2016

Access control, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) & Intruder System (ASC System).

The facility area shall have separate security zones, with each zone representing a specific level of security and with an access to each section limited only to those personnel who require access in order to perform assigned work. Access control shall be provided for restricted area like: Operation Building: electrical room, dispatch, office, store room, warehouse and maintenance shop; Control Building: control room, laboratory, server and electrical room, conference room, store room, offices, technical shop and warehouse, technical room and archives.

In short the main purpose of this system is to avoid unauthorized entry in main company premises.

In addition to this a CCTV and Intruder system has to be installed in Fuel Facility (Plot 1) and Operation Center (Plot 4).

The CCTV system shall be a part of security control system and connected to the main intruder control system covered in next section. This shall form a complete tight security control in the facility areas. The entire perimeter of the facility areas shall be covered with suitable CCTV units at appropriate locations so that the operator can get an entire view of the facility on screen.

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