07November, 2016
Our people

    NGUYỄN TẤN LỰC (Mr.) Director   - Master of Science in Engineering – Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas (Russia) - Bachelor of Commerce – University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City + 1991 to 1997: worked at Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas + 1997 to 2014: Deputy General Director – Petroleum […]

trao quyết định hoạt động tapetco
16July, 2016
Tan Son Nhat International Airport utilizes the underground fuel hydrant system for aircrafts refuelling

The underground fuel hydrant system (FHS) limits the use of refuellers (refuelling trucks/vehicles), thus reducing risks at the airport apron. On July 15th, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAA) handed over the Decision commencing the operation of the underground FHS at Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The system, invested by Tan Son Nhat Petrol […]

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